Mozilla Firefox Version 29 Released

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has released Firefox Version 29 for Desktop. This version of Firefox sees a major redesign of the web browsers interface as well as new features which allow a more efficient and customised browsing experience. Firefox 29 offers an interactive tour to help guide users around this major new interface change.

Some of these changes include:

Redesign of the tabs: A new curved and slimmed down tab design adds a new look to the browser, tabs not being used disappear into the background, with emphasis on the current tab.

Menu Button: Window’s users will notice the Firefox button has been dropped in favour of a platform-wide menu button accessible to the right of the main toolbar and similar to that of Google Chrome’s.

Customisable Interface: A new clickable button-based menu has been added that is fully customisable, allowing commonly used menu items to be dragged to the main toolbar for quick accessibility.

Firefox Cutomiseable Menu

Sync: Mozilla has also launched Firefox accounts, which provide a new way for users to synchronize their data, such as bookmarks, history and passwords between multiple devices running the Firefox web browser.


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